Feb 4, 2013

Cisco AnyConnect Client was not able to establish connection ...

I installed and used Cisco AnyConnect for a while and then suddenly one day, I cannot make a connection. The prompted error information is as following,

The Cisco troubleshooting website just told me to retry, not helpful at all. After some googling, it seems the trouble is caused by incompatibility of AnyConnect client and Windows network and file sharing service. But I have my network and file sharing option disabled already. This post suggests, not only the network and file sharing option in network and sharing center has to be disabled, but also the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service has to be shut down. It can be done via the following steps: find
start -> services.msc -> Internet Connection Sharing 
and disable it. (The following prompt windows is in Chinese, but similar to ones of other languages)

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